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Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems!

Cursed Treasure Game: Don't Touch My Gems is a gem defence flash game available for free play online. Players take on the task of protecting six gems from ninjas, champions, and even evil priests. There are 20 levels overall, and each level gets progressively harder than the last just like in many other td games such as Ninjakiwi's popular game where you control monkeys in bloons td 4. Players must construct items such as temples, crypts, and dens for defence along a dusty road, which leads to pits containing their gems. You only need to have one gem in your den at the end of the level to pass the level. If the level is completed with all gems remaining, an excellent rating is given to you for that level. However, if the enemy makes off with all the gems, the level is a failure and must be repeated.

cursed treasure and bloons td4

Levels are listed on a main board, and once a level has been unlocked (played), it can be returned to at any time. Each level has a different road, a different set of enemies, and a different configuration of terrain to build defence items. There is a tool bar that runs down the right-hand side of the screen. Each wave of enemies is shown on a progressing conveyor in the centre of this tool bar. The tool bar also features the items that can be purchased for defence, or Special Actions as well as a tally of your gold and manna available. Above the conveyor is the level number and number of waves to come. Each wave is shown in the brown area below this, slowly making its way to your screen. This gives the player a chance to prepare for tougher waves. Below the brown conveyor are two buttons that control the speed of the game. The button labelled Attack will bring out the next wave of enemies immediately after being pressed. This is helpful when a wave is eliminated quickly, and there is a considerable time before the next wave. The Attack button will only bring on the next wave of attack and will not affect the time passage. The green button with arrows on it will speed up the game, making time run faster; this allows you to see out waves that are easily overcome. When the time is fast, you will see the arrows as yellow. Clicking on the yellow arrows will slow time back down to normal.

There are three different terrains surrounding the road. The snowy land is white, and you may build Crypts on this terrain. The brown-coloured land is considered rocky terrain, and you may build Temples on this terrain. The final terrain is grass, and dens can be built on grassy terrain. When there are trees and rocks in the way, the land must be cleared using your Axe which can be found under the Special Actions. In addition to the three main types of terrain available, there are also two distinctive types of terrain. Manna Pools are shown as blue bubbles hovering over a space. The items that can be placed on a Manna Pool area must match the colour of the manna space (if it is rocky terrain, you must place a Temple there), but these items will generate Manna for the use of different actions. The last space is the high ground, and this is a highly useful space, the high ground looks like a pile of rocks with a flag waving above it. Any item can be placed on a high ground. The high ground also has another advantage; high grounds have a larger range of fire, making these areas greater than any other.

The Special Actions are; clearing terrain to be able to build on that space, the frenzy button, and the meteor button. These will become available quicker depending on how many of your Manna Pools are occupied. Special Actions are incredibly useful for swarms of enemies, or they are too strong for your current defence system. You have two actions that are defensive. The Meteor Button will produce a rain of fireballs on a target area. When you have a particularly tough enemy or a large mob in one space, the Meteor can wipe out the enemy quickly in order not only to save your gems, but also preserve your items from needing to recharge. The Frenzy Button doubles the firing power of all of your weapons for a short time. The best strategy is to make sure you do not waste the frenzy setting; to do this make sure your enemy is in firing range of multiple items. That will ensure that the action will terminate or seriously damage your enemy which will keep them from your gems.

Due to randomization of enemies, upgrades are not uniform from game to game, especially in levels where there is more than one entrance for the enemy to attack. The more kills and hits that an item performs; the faster the upgrade will become available to that item. This will give you a fair idea of how often you will be able to upgrade, and also which items are the most important. Upgrades will be available when the word "Up" is shown on the item. Click the item to view what upgrade is available, and if you have the necessary funds, click the picture of the upgrade to purchase it. Items show ^ markings (similar to military rankings) to signify what upgrade level they are; each upgrade adds one rank marker. After 3 ^ symbols, the rank becomes a star, gaining one more star each time you upgrade. After three stars, the symbol will change to one large star.

The following walk through will help get you through each level without losing any of your gems to your opponents. As a general rule, the more buildings you place at the start of the road the better, also having a few near the gems is essential. Items should be built as close to the road as possible, to make them cover as much road as their range can cover. Additionally, items placed on corners and spaces that cover two spaces of the road are obviously able to cover more. Terrain is not an area that an enemy can pass through, so covering that area is unnecessary and wasteful. Bear in mind that the enemies are randomized, so these upgrades are not always going to be the ones available to you at the exact time the walk through indicates. However, if these items are built where instructed in the walk through, the upgrades should be fairly close to the ones available in your game.

Rebuild 2 Review

rebuild 2

The world is in danger again. Rebuild 2 lowers down in to another post-apocalyptic world where the zombies have taken over. The objectives remain the same - reclaim the city and start a new civilization. However, quite a few things have changed.


The basic units remain the same. You still have leaders, scavengers, soldiers, builders, scientists and survivors. However, now every unit can have several different skills. In the original Rebuild, any unit could perform any task. Now they also start learning abilities that are not part of their original skills. So for example, a leader can have skills at scavenging and building. A soldier can also have science skills.

These skills are measured in levels, infusing some elements of roleplaying in to the game. The highest attainable level is 10. Leveling up happens as the unit performs tasks related to that skill. In fact, if you introduce a unit in to an unfamiliar task it will slowly acquire that skill. Repetition will then make it level up. So if someone did not have any building skills to begin with, he/she will acquire them if you make them build a few times. Also, now units can be equipped with items to increase their abilities. So a hammer will increase building skills whilst a gun or a baseball bat will increase fighting skills.


There are no new buildings in Rebuild 2. However, how you interact with them has changed somewhat.

The defense buildings previously used to have the same pool of people guarding them. Now you can assign defenses for each fortification individually. All units can be put on guard duty.

Bars, Churches and Farms can now have dedicated units for enhancing their contributions. Assigning units to bars and churches will increase happiness over time. Assigning units to farms will increase food production.

There's more flexibility in terms of repurposing buildings now. Churches, laboratories, schools and hospitals can be built from more buildings now. But apartments, suburbs and farms are still dependent on specific buildings. Laboratories, once built, cannot be repurposed into anything else.

Rebuild 2 has more special structures. There's the City Hall from the original game. It still serves the same purpose. Then there's a helipad, where the helicopter will have to be repaired. There are also subway entrances. These will lead you to the forts of a rival gang. All of these have activities that will win the game. The subways can also act as satellite bases. You can start reclaiming squares around them.

Activities & Gameplay:

The activities have not changed. You will still have to scout, scavenge, recruit, kill and reclaim. Once reclaimed, some areas will have options of fortifying the place - like subway entrances and shopping malls.

There certain special activities to be unlocked. Once you achieve the set requirements, you can trigger them. These activities are mainly game winning ones. Rebuild 2 has more ways of winning the game than the original and has more elements of strategy built in to it.

Every city you will live in has a helipad. The helicopter will have to be repaired through the game by choosing the right moves during special events. Most of these special events are brought about by the arrival of a trader named Gustav. In the original game these events were few and far between. Also, the player had no control over them. This time you can actively choose and decide the course of your game.

There are other special events as well and we will not discuss them here to avoid spoilers for first timers. It'll suffice to say that this new version has more complex gameplay and is much better developed.

Graphics & Other Features:

Rebuild 2 by Northway games features very detailed artwork. Every change in a character is reflected in it. New equipment, pets and wounds show up in their displays. Buildings are better drawn and change details when you perform activities like building fortifications around them.

The HUD on top of the screen has more useful stats and shortcuts. You can now turn on a colored overlay on the map to show you levels of hazard and other alerts like survivors and unknown areas.

Every activity now has its own icon when it is being performed. So you will know their statuses at a glance.

The storytelling has gotten better thanks to the extra features and better artwork. Everything put together, Rebuild 2 is a great improvement over the original Rebuild and has good extended play value.