Burrito Bison Review

burrito bison game

Burrito Bison is a game that Juicy Beast released in February 2011. It is yet another launch based game with the theme this time being comprised of a Bison which looks like a wrestler that must escape from within the confines of his prison. With the glut of Launch-based flash games recently, this game needed to be different and go beyond the norms to attract players, and the developers promise that this game will do just that. Here are some of the main features of this new game:


"This is yet another Launch- based game, so what could it have that we haven't seen before?" This is a pretty valid question. Launch games now need to start pushing the envelope and go the proverbial extra mile to actually make their games attractive to players and make them an experience worth playing. The introduction of storylines behind these games does this trick to an extent, but storylines are a risky element because while they can make a game better, they can also negatively affect the entire experience if they're not up to scratch, actual gameplay notwithstanding.

Thankfully for both the developers and indeed players, Burrito Bison pulls off the combo off a straight, simple and yet funny storyline and great gameplay with quite a lot of ease. This is the most addictive launch based game out there currently, period. The game starts off with our hero the Burrito Bison, who is most likely a Mexican wrestler, roaming around in the supermarket in full costume when he gets pulled into a bag of candies called "Candyland". While this version of "Candyland" doesn't feature Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg (disappointingly), it does have a number of delicious gummy bears. Millions of them, in fact. These aren't your typical cute gummy bears though, because they want blood and Burrito Bison's blood in this case. When the Bison gets sucked inside the bag, he ends up in an arena facing some overgrown monstrosity that we can only assume is a mutated gummy bear while millions of gummy bears throng the arena in a scene that is likely to be eerily reminiscent of ancient Rome to you provided you're that old.

The bull game begins with you making a run for the exit to the arena by using the elastic ropes round the ring as a means to propel yourself out of the ring and then bounce upon all those gummy bears who are now fleeing your wrath to eventually break through the exit and then break through the candy packet that you're stuck in. If that sounds easy enough, keep in mind that you're playing the role of a muscled Minotaur with underwear two sizes too short for him who wants to escape his bloodthirsty gummy bear captors by bouncing upon them on his way out. If it still sounds simple enough, you should probably set that wild imagination of yours to work on something like solving the mysteries of the universe or something. The controls are simple enough for members of any universe to get used to. You press the spacebar to launch and your launch speed is decided by some sort of a clock-like ticker. The closer the hand is to the 12'o' clock area, the faster your launch. And similarly, the closer the hand is to the 6 'o' clock area, the slower your launch.

Of course, Mr. Bison doesn't set upon his exceptionally bouncy journey alone. He makes sure he can pick some upgrades along the way to help him move faster and squish his captors to a pulp with increasing alacrity. There are two main types of upgrades with each having six categories within them. The first type is related to upgrades for the Burrito Bison himself. These include everything from being able to gain more resources per gummy bear squished and a rope that keeps growing more and more elastic for faster takeoffs to rocket-equipped underwear. Now you know why he wears them so tight. Each of these upgrades then has 5 levels, each of which costs more than the last one.

The other type of upgrades are regarding the upgrades for the gummy bears themselves, usually related to the frequency of gummy bears carrying things that are likely to help you go faster. So this category has upgrades like "Rocket Gummies", which increases the frequency with which you'll encounter Gummies which ride on rockets (more evidence that its creators are at least slightly loony) and "Bubble Gummies", which increases the likelihood of you encountering gummy bears that are actually hanging on to their bubble gum. Each of these upgrades has only three levels, but to compensate for that they are very expensive.

As far as obstacles beyond the repeated failure to fly as far as you need to go, go, this game has the occasional cop gummy bear running amongst the flood of regular gummy bears that you bounce upon to make an exit. If you bounce on this cop bear at a reasonable speed, it will stop you right then and there and have you arrested again. Apart from this, you also have doors between levels that you can cross or break through only when your speed is high enough, otherwise you crash into them. Breaking through them also lessens your speed drastically.

Graphics and Audio

The graphics are polished, neat and tidy and most importantly, especially for this game, colorful and funky. It is very easy to work out which gummy bear does what through the colors, each of the stages is well defined and you generally just have a great experience with everything in the game.

The audio is a racy tune that is quite apt for the game, but you won't want it running for long. This is especially because this game is very addictive, and having the same tune run for hours on end can be very tiring and dilute the experience. The mute button is readily available though, so that problem is easily solved.


There are so many positives in this game that it is hard to not keep gushing with praise about this game. Make no mistake, this game is so good that it will keep you enthralled and engrossed for hours on end. This is all in a good way though because the game is quite fast and therefore progressions from one stage to the next is quick as well. All in all, if you're looking for a game to while away a lazy afternoon or even an entire day, this game is perfect for you.

Burrito Bison is one of a number of launch games available to play online. You can play Burrito Bison here.