Diaper Dash Download & Review

diaper dash download

Hold on to your hats and maybe more importantly your nappies! PlayFirst has introduced another action-packed theme-oriented time management game for casual gamers. PC and Mac users, alike, will be able to test their skills in a new format that is part Diner Dash and part Adventures in Babysitting. Complete with all the sound effects that would be expected of a daycare, and graphics that are to be expected with this game. Diaper Dash does a terrific job of representing the good people of Diner town, once again, in a whole new field.

Players join Wilson, a hapless scientist/inventor fresh off a quite embarrassing termination by his horrible boss Mr. Big, the owner of Rubber Ducky Inc, a local child-product test facility. Wilson is left with no job and a rather odd affinity for children. With no money and nowhere to stay, Wilson agrees to move into his sister's house with her in exchange for taking up babysitting duties of her child for a room over his head. Good old Flo comes to the rescue by offering her ingenious ideas, yet again. This time, Flo's vision takes the form of Wilson's very own daycare center, run out of the basement of his sister's house. What could go wrong? To the delight of most of Diner town, Wilson cares for the little tikes while working out the kinks of his new inventions that will benefit the children, unlike the nasty little contraptions he was employed to work on at Rubber Ducky, Inc.

You journey with Wilson through this adventure as he learns the ins and outs of child-care. There are two modes available to players and both offer the fast-paced clicking frenzy, common of most Diner town ventures. Endless mode allows players to work on techniques and proficiency while not having to follow the set story line. Endless mode offers three difficulty levels, which is helpful for new players who want to learn the ropes at an easy pace before jumping into Story Mode. The Hard setting is a wonderful chance for experienced players to get their money's worth. Game play continues to speed up and tasks pile up until the player can no longer keep up with the rigorous pace, and stops when five customers leave the daycare unhappy.

In Story Mode, Wilson works his way through five different locations, starting in his sisters' basement with a "bare-bones" style operation. Each location spans ten levels. Each level has a monetary goal and an Expert level goal included. Players may use these funds to purchase 20 original upgrades for the daycare. Bonuses are awarded for chains, such as in other "Dash" games. Placing males subsequently over and over will allow Wilson to rack up bonuses that are denoted with a colored (blue or pink) flag at the station. These are denoted by x2, x3, x4, bonuses, corresponding to the amount of previous same-sexed babies that have been placed on that same station thus far. Bonuses are also awarded for "baby swapping," which simply means that Wilson should be carrying the baby who, for example, wants to eat with him to the highchair of a baby who has just finished eating, therefore, "swapping" out the children. If he is then able to do the same with the baby he has just picked up by, say, taking the baby that needs a diaper change to the changing station while picking up the child who has just been changed, he will double that swapping bonus.

Of course, Wilson has to work hard to make it past each level and to meet those demanding goals. Each baby that is dropped off at the daycare has a different set of demands, and every baby has a different order in which they would like those demands met. While the main tasks include diaper-changing, bottle-feeding, playtime, naptime, and going home with Mum or Dad, the order in which these tasks are to be filled varies from child to child, and one child may simply move between the crib and the highchair during his/her entire visit, another child may visit each station in a random order multiple times. This means Wilson must pay close attention to what each child is asking for and never assume anything. In the first few levels, Wilson also must clean up after each baby on his own, which does not happen at every station every time, but, as with the babies' minds, is unpredictable. Players must keep their eyes out for a swirling green cloud of "stink" and run over with a mop and bucket as soon as they have a free moment. In addition, the changing station only holds so many diapers. Once that amount is used, Wilson must empty the diapers into the trash bin. If Wilson fails to do so, he will not be able to change any diapers.

As the ultimate goal in Diaper Dash is to invent items, each location ends in the completion of a new and handy invention that makes life in the daycare field easier for the next stage of levels. The first invention is a robot named "Cleanatron." This little guy is helpful with messes that babies make at different stations as Wilson simply unplugs the machine, and sets it free to clean up instead of having to mop up the messes himself. Wilson's next invention is a teddy bear dispenser which hands out teddy bears to unhappy children. Wilson's' distraction phone, can be used to call up a ballerina or clown to perform for the children, thus increasing the moods of all that are present. Likewise, the storybook reader is created to read stories to babies in the playpen/waiting area. Wilson's invention of the Super Sneaker gives him super speed and allows him to dash about the daycare much quicker than usual, and unsurprisingly this is the most useful invention.

Diaper Dash Download is positioned in the long line of Diner town games with the distinction of a daycare surrounding. This new theme will appeal to parents who sympathize with Wilson, as well as to those who would rather keep their interaction with children in the strictly virtual and cartoon realm. Either way, this game promises hours of enjoyment as players test their clicking abilities and help Wilson invent some truly wacky contraptions!

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