Enchanted Kingdoms Elisa's Adventure Download & Review

Enchanted Kingdoms Elisas Adventure download

In a combination of hidden object, matching, and building games, The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa's Adventure, a fun PC game from Alawar Entertainment, takes players through a countryside journey. The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa's Adventure has puzzles, games, and tasks to complete in a quest for the throne. When the King of Arroyo decides it is time to find a successor to his reign, the task of finding the Royal Ruby is announced, with the reward being the throne itself. Who will take the position of the King of Arroyo?

Players join an unlikely duo of characters on an adventure to find the Royal Ruby. Rian, the King's royal scholar, is determined that the rightful heir to the throne is none other than the local peasant girl by the name of Elisa. He implores her to set out on the quest of the Royal Ruby and affirm her due royalty. They travel the land in search of their prize. Along their journey, they visit five villages and at each location, their friend and mage, Maron, shows up and assists them in their quests. No heroine character would be complete without the honourable natured actions she performs, and this story is no different. Elisa and her partners will be solving the problems of the "people" along their way. From conquering a dragon, to battling a giant plant, and defeating a wicked witch. Elisa gains the necessary items to help rebuild her land and restore it to its former glory. Elisa must play games, puzzles, and search to gather items to rebuild the villages and restore the kingdom. Using logs to make boards and ore to make rods, Elisa can build the buildings necessary to life in the village.

The challenges of Elisa's Adventure are fairly straight forward. Over the levels, there are two main game types. The first game style is a matching game where players will attempt to chain four or more items in a row and by doing so will earn resources for Elisa's "Good Samaritan" work, which surrounds rebuilding the villages. If you make a chain, which makes subsequent chains then you will earn power-ups to use in the game. The second game is a similar tile-matching game with the same premise. This time points will be awarded as well as power-ups for chains. When Elisa travels to the mage tower, Maron gives her additional puzzles she must complete. Hidden object puzzles are played throughout, and Elisa may gain extra hints by finding additional hidden objects: question marks. There is also word, and jigsaw-type puzzles to round out the various excursions.

With a neat countryside, medieval theme, the graphics in Elisa's Adventure are a pleasant and are wonderfully accented by the music that is reminiscent of a Renaissance Faire. As a game that incorporates aspects of many popular puzzle and game styles, The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa's Adventure is a fantastic fantasy castle game for the entire family. The game also features many hints and while wrong clicks are counted they are not penalized for, which makes the game straightforward enough for even a novice player, but still keeps it entertaining for advanced players.