Flight of the Hamsters Review

flight of the hamsters game

Flight of the Hamsters is a game based on the Codename: Kids Next Door cartoon franchise. It is one of many games based on that very franchise, with the only difference being this is a launch-based game involving flying hamsters. Their flights don't last very long if you're not good at the game though, and this game is a hard nut to crack as it is. Here are some of the key features of this game:


Hamsters are what power the kids' "weapons" as well as their tree house in the cartoon Codename: Kids Next Door. In this edition of the game though, they are apparently the weapons, and presumably very happy to be used as such. The game's set up with a rickety wooden platform on the left side of the screen with a line of hamsters just waiting to be thrown up into the air standing right below it.

You have 5 hamsters that are either completely out of their mind and like that tingly feeling of absolute numbness that you get when you break all the bones in your body or are being blackmailed or threatened and desperately need some cash. Either way, only desperate hamsters would participate in this thing, although you wouldn't know that from their expressions. Even the game description lists "hamster launching" as a sport to indulge in, in your free time. So all of you out there with hamsters as pets need to be wary, you might just be housing suicidal serial killers in those glass cages of yours. Also, just to make sure that you remember where this game originated from, you have the Kids Next Door headquarters towards the right of the screen in the background.

Alas, the game never manages to bring the very potent combination of danger and cuteness that only suicidal serial killing hamsters and Jessica Alba can bring into one cohesive package, which is why the game tends towards the drab and boring much more than any game could.

Also, it doesn't help that this game is quite hard to get a hang of. You start by clicking on the screen such that your hamster says his last words and walks to a conveyor belt-like contraption (also operated by presumably murderous hamsters) which somehow lifts him up and rolls him into a ball. Then, as he comes down, you have to click again such that the hamster on top of the platform gives the unlucky hamster who is going to be flying a last feel of comfort by pushing him out with a pillow such that he starts flying. To control the hamster, you have an indicator called glide power which you can use to add gliding power to your hamster as soon as the indicator is full. If the indicator is any lower than that it really doesn't help a lot. Along the way, you can pick up or hit items that will allow you to glide further. These include rockets, loaded springs, hovercrafts and skateboards which will all do to your hamster what they actually do to things in real life, that is, help them more forward and/or fly.

There are plenty of issues with the game. For starters, and probably the biggest issue with the game is the lack of upgrades for anything in the game. You play it two times and you'll get bored because it's so repetitive. It's the same hamsters with the same items doing the same things. Secondly, you have a serious lack of control over your hamster, although this is directly linked to the paucity of upgrades of any sort. Thirdly, the launching with the pillow mechanism is extremely hit-and-miss, literally. Lastly, the hamster descends way too fast no matter what his speed. With issues as big as these, you'd wonder why the developers even bothered with a game like this, and you would be right in doing so.


The graphics are quite plain, with a plain old sunset background and the aforementioned items on screen. They're clean and polished enough given how the game is, so this isn't an area of concern.

The audio borrows quite heavily from the Star Wars theme. That automatically makes it cool, but there's only so much that you can have of the same tune running with the same game with absolutely no change whatsoever.


This game looks like a half-baked product from a team of developers who just didn't care for it or put any effort into it. It is really basic with absolutely no 'replayabilty' whatsoever. If you love hamsters of the cartoon Kids Next Door you might be able to bear 15 minutes of this, but that's as far as it goes. All in all, even if you have 2 minutes of free time, that you need to spend, don't spend it on this game. There are a lot of better alternative throw games online so don't let this one put you off.