Forge of Empires Review

Forge of Empires game

Taking control of an empire and managing its day-to-day goings on is a task that many games such as Age of Empires and Warcraft simulate very successfully. The thrill of being responsible for the rise and the fall of your empire is a huge attraction of the real-time strategy genre, and Forge of Empires is a browser-based offering that gives you a kind of real-time strategy with unprecedented depth and dimensions of gameplay for a browser-based title. Begin with the Stone Ages and push your society through to the Medival Period and beyond by balancing your resources, battling your enemies, and researching technology to support the growth of your tiny village into a successful city with a hugely powerful army.

The format of Forge of Empires is highly similar to the standard real-time strategy structure. You are given an overview of your very own piece of land in the Stone Age with a primitive society to build on. All actions can be taken through the well-designed menu system, including the many different kinds of buildings you must build in order to get your settlement started. Houses must be built to produce income, resource production buildings will produce supplies, and military buildings produce troops, weapons, and various modes of transport for your troops. You must also factor in the happiness of your population: this has a direct effect on their productivity, which can be boosted by building decorative items like pillars and obelisks, as well as planting shrubs and various trees. The initial stages are all about securing a steady supply of income and supplies to fuel the growth of your empire.

Research must be carried out in order to be able to produce more advanced buildings and structures. You spend ‘forge points’ which allow you to investigate these new technologies which include architecture, new kinds of houses, physics, battle formations, and different production and refining methods for raw materials. Each piece of research carried out rewards you with the ability to build a new kind of building, and also brings you closer to progressing to the next age. You begin in the Stone Age with basic buildings like huts and ‘hunter’ production buildings that produce cloths and fairly crude materials that are with very little in terms of supplies. Once you move on to the Iron and Bronze Ages, however, your technologies improve and you can build things like Roof Tile Houses that provide greater income, and Goat Farms that produce very large amounts of supplies in a relatively short amount of time.

You must also expand your empire by invading surrounding provinces with your army. Once you have strong enough troops after researching different training methods etc., you will be able to enter into turn-based battles that can be fought move by move, and you have full control over your individual soldiers. This level of detail is extremely impressive in a browser game such as this, and also adds an additional strategic element to the gameplay.

Forge of Empires is also based upon an online community of players that also have cities that you can visit. You can even assist in the running of other peoples’ settlements by motivating their workers, or you can also invade the and pillage any available supplies. The game has enough content to keep you entertained for quite some time, and researching your way into the Middle Ages is a challenge in itself. This is one of the best browser-based empire online mmo games you can ever hope to play.