Hotel Dash Download & Review

hotel dash

With so many popular diner town games, well set in the minds of online casual game players, developers at playfirst have decided to expand into the hotel market, and like any business there comes problems and objectives you must solve along the way.

In hotel dash, you have the option of two modes, story and endless. Story mode brings 50 tantalising levels with normal and expert goals. You can also choose to play on easy, medium or hard. Like all other diner town games, your objective is to reach the normal goal to progress and any money you earn above this is a bonus. Endless mode brings customer after customer and your goal is to make sure they are all happy; you will end when a few of them leave.

Your goal is to make sure every customer has a pleasant stay at your hotel. To do this you must put guests in their desired room, (the colour of the room that matches their clothes.) On other diner town games you will know that your focus is usually on one room, however, this time to increase difficultly Flo has to use elevators to get to different floors. Flo has to do all the regular jobs you would expect of a hotel employee including, delivering towels, carrying bags and making wake up calls, your old pal Quinn comes into action to save the day from any disasters which anybody who played wedding dash will know of.

Players of the Diner town games will know that customers are a very important part of how the game plays out, and you will not be disappointed with the increase in different types of customer on Hotel Dash. My favourite inclusions are the VIP characters. The VIP?s characters are essentially all divas and mostly want to be left alone. One of the harder challenges in hotel dash comes in making sure different types of customer are happy, because what one customer wants is not particularly what the next does, and this makes it hard to get into a rhythm which you need to be successful.

Gaming Tips

  • To complete any level on the expert setting, you need to be quick; you also need to make sure you put all the customers where they want to go. This is not essential for completion of the levels, but if you want to get expert then it is the only way to do so.
  • One thing I would recommend is that you try and complete all levels on expert. This generally helps with longer game play, and because the game is so addictive you will not mind playing the same levels again.

Developers at playfirst are without doubt the leaders in time management games. So it is a no brainer when looking to a hotel business game that the first name is hotel dash, if you enjoy all of the other diner town games then there will be no change here.

Download Hotel Dash at Play First.