Learn to Fly

learn to fly

Learn to fly is a very straight forward game; your mission is to fly a penguin through the air using your directional buttons...Well this game sounds dull? Think again, it's one of the most addictive online flash games you will come across.

Developers at light bringer have taken previous 2D platform 'distance' games and improved on them hugely, now offering the player the option to upgrade certain aspects of the game to improve flight distance and bring tactics in, instead of just hit and hope.

The controls are very basic, left tilts your penguin left and right tilts it right. You should always try to hit the water at an angle, so your penguin bounces back up to gain some extra distance.

You start the game on day one and you work your way through until you unlock all the achievements, your final day is your score that you can submit at the end of the game.

Regardless of the level, your goal is the same, get the penguin as far as possible. You also gain points for your height and multiply them for how long you are in the air. This multiplier gives you the chance to times your score from one to three.

You start on a 5' ramp and can progress through to the massive 50' ramp. To do this you must unlock some achievements along the way. These include your total distance, speed, height and how long you can glide for. Along the way you will also use the money to buy items, including adjustments to the ramp height, improvement to your acceleration and better tolerance against air resistance.

You also have the option to equip yourself with a glider, or a rocket, these two items are ultimately what will propel your distance into the thousands. On later upgrades the glider shows your distance flown, speed and air resistance. The rocket pack, allows you to press space bar for an extra boost, upgrades on this include a quicker speed and longevity improvements.

Your ultimate goal is to unlock all the achievements in as few days as possible, however you can continue to try and beet your own top distance as the game gives you the option to continue with play after completion.

Hints and Tips

  • Before you purchase the glider you must have a certain tolerance to air resistance otherwise you will just hit the water when you set off.
  • Rockets are more effective if you use them toward the end, when your speed is low.
  • Never use your first game as a judgement on your score, to get a true reflection of your ability you need to play at least three games. So, in your first two games test out some strategies.

So the challenge is here, set a score, play again, how many days can you knock off, one, two, maybe more, should you try again? It's so addictive you will ... and again ... and again!

You can play learn to fly at a mini site or if you inclined to fly something than a penguin why not try out this other cool flight simulator at Microsofts website.