Mystery Case Files Huntsville Download & Review

mystery case files huntsville download

The game Mystery Case Files: Huntsville was released back in 2005, when the genre of the hidden object games was not that popular and still in its growing phase. This game, some say, was the catalyst that helped propel the hidden object game craze to its now dizzying heights. Mystery Case Files: Huntsville, one of the best-selling titles that year for online games, made gamers more aware of the hidden object games. With the game's stunningly rendered graphics, compelling storyline, wonderfully orchestrated music and highly engaging game play, Mystery Case Files: Huntsville has put the hidden object games genre onto the radar of gamers and got them hooked and wanting more.

Mystery Case Files: Huntsville takes you back all the way to the start of the 20th century, in the small town of Huntsville by Middle West, many crimes that are particularly strange have been occurring in the area without ever being solved. This is where you, as the main character, step into the limelight, as it is you that has been approached to solve the heinous crimes, and therefore, are responsible to bring justice to the perpetrators. With each crime you solve, you will gain recognition from your colleagues and the public, with your main goal to develop to the highest rank in the force.

In Mystery Case Files: Huntsville Download, the game is divided up into 19 different and unusual cases. However, the underlying concept of each case remains the same. The cases that you handle always involve a crime. You will travel and move from one establishment to another in Huntsville as you look for clues. However, time is of the essence, because there is a time limit that you have to beat in each case. You want to make sure that you beat this time limit, because the faith of the people is literally in your hands, as the clues you find will lead you to a suspect, whom you can then put in prison for a long time. Some of the crime scenes include the local barber shop, diner area, bookstore, cemetery, the science museum and many more with the overall object of each level to find clues.

If this sounds simple, then be prepared to be overwhelmed playing the game, because in each crime scene, there are many hidden objects that are carefully positioned, so that you cannot find them easily. Furthermore, the objects that you need to look for are selected randomly by the computer. Unlike other games in this genre, where when you complete the game you cannot go back because you know where everything is, this game offers something different. By rights you can play the game again and again, without knowing where everything is, because of the changes in the scenes.

Once you feel you have obtained enough clues to correctly identify the suspect you think is responsible for committing the crime, you can upload the clues onto your ever-reliable crime computer. Remember that this game is set in the early 20th century; so, in fact, the aforementioned computer is a metal typewriter. When you use the Crime Computer, there will be a tile-matching jigsaw puzzle, which reveals one big picture out of the smaller pieces, which you must solve, for it will reveal the actual crime scene and the identification of the suspect. The tile matching round breaks up the hidden object games nicely, without deferring too much from the original game itself. The more cases you can successfully solve, the closer you are in reaching that coveted position of being a Master Detective.

Upon loading Mystery Case Files: Huntsville onto your computer, the first feature that will grab your attention the most is the game graphics. Being set in the early 20th century, the game successfully captures the era and surroundings of that time. This is because it has a retro presentation that matches the era perfectly. Everything looks like it has been lifted straight off the set of a detective movie. Rooms and places are beautifully rendered, as you scour them for clues. The environment is stunning and offers mindboggling levels of detail. The graphical interface is essential in a game like this, because essentially the game involves looking for items on the interface.

Another notable feature you will find in Mystery Case Files: Huntsville is the surprisingly fantastic music and sound that accompanies you on your hunt for justice. The in-game music is hugely inspiring, yet, you will also pick up a hint of a sinister tone in the music and there that will gradually build up to a heart-stopping upsurge. The game features enough variety in the music to keep you interested, yet it is not annoying and one of those songs you will be trying to get out of your head all day.

If you thought that this game is all work and no play, then you are in for a good surprise. Although solving a crime is no laughing matter, sometimes you cannot help doing so, as the game also has a charming sense of humor injected into it in some scenes you would not expect. The crimes you will encounter in this game will not be of the extremely violent and gory type, in fact, most of them are tame and whimsical; which gives the game a hint of sincerity, which makes it quirky and fun. This should make Mystery Case Files: Huntsville perfect for all members of the family to play.

On a whole, Mystery Case Files: Huntsville offers casual gamers an immensely satisfying and relaxing gaming experience. Dubbed as the game that pushed the genre to its current height of popularity, the game is cleverly thought out and packs enough punch to keep you hooked.

If you have a knack for noticing the small things in life and its intricate details, and if you just feel like unwinding after work, then playing this fun and enjoyable game will give you everything you are looking for, you will not be disappointed.