Mystery Case Files Prime Suspects Download & Review

mystery case files prime suspects download

Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects is the direct sequel to the runaway hit and award-winning Mystery Case Files: Huntsville, which was considered to be the pioneer of the hidden object games that was released back in 2005 to much fanfare and delight. Can the sequel improve on the original, while adding enough compelling features to keep casual gamers hooked? After all, coming out with a delightful sequel can sometimes be hard to do, be it games, movies or books. There is always the possibility of developers not putting enough new content into development, or straying too far from the original plot that you take the risk of alienating the original fan base. Here you can put your unfounded doubts to rest, as Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects Download not only retains the same charming story and engaging game play as its predecessor, but it also successfully adds new twists and surprises along the way. Mysterious Case Files: Prime Suspects is everything you could have expected from a sequel.

The story is an integral part of any game and one that can change an enjoyable game to a great game. It is good to see that the story on Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects is as compelling as ever. The story goes from the quaint city of the first game, because as you will soon learn, your character has made it into the big leagues, and is now residing in Capital City. However, things got off to a raucous start when you found out that the world's biggest diamond, known as The Queen's Hope, was stolen while being displayed at the Capital's Plaza Gallery. This is a job that only the finest detective can solve, so you have been called into action to catch the perpetrator of the crime, and put them behind bars. Only then the residents of Capital City can rest knowing the Queen's Hope is in its rightful spot. The game will have you looking for clues through many different establishments in Capital City, from the socialite hangout place of the Rialto Theater to the dingy corner of a hot dog stand.

The game play in Mystery Case: Prime Suspects is similar to the original. You will have to find objects that are hidden in a room or place. There will also be one suspect assigned for each level of the game. Since the clues to solve the crimes are scattered around town, it will be your job to find these clues in each area and assemble them to catch the suspects. You will have to analyze the alibi of 20 suspects and carefully eliminate each character one by one to come up with the Prime Suspects, and ultimately find the missing diamond.

Once you have accumulated enough items and clues for a suspect, you will then pay a visit to the Crime Computer, where you can manipulate the items and clues that you found in order to identify the criminal. When you use the crime computer, you open Pandora's Box that is full of fun and exciting mini games and puzzles, which have now become infamous amongst hidden object games. These mini games and puzzles are a fun and straightforward way to finish the levels, and find the suspect. These mini games are varied in nature: slider puzzles, word jumblers, memory games and many more. After you complete the mini game, a photo will be revealed giving information where a suspect was at the time of the crime, which will prove his or her alibi. However, if the location of a suspect cannot be verified, then they will be considered as one of the five Prime Suspects. Just like in the first game, you will be racing against a pre determined time to solve the mystery, so you have to make sure you act quickly as well as accurately.

If you wonder what exactly makes this game a compelling buy, you will find that the developers have done a terrific job of hiding the objects in the cleverest of manners. As you progress through the game, the objects become harder to find, which makes the game even more of a challenge.

The brilliant mini games in Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects also put it miles above the rest of the games in the genre. The mini games are like a breath of fresh air and act as a side game to the actual game itself.

If you are fond of twists and surprises, Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects does have its share of them. Instead of letting you roam about freely from one place to the next, you will be forced to look for keys and flashlight batteries, as some of the rooms will be either locked or badly lit. This makes the game extremely challenging and fun. Also, as part of the randomization feature of the game, once you have completed the game, you can restart playing and find a totally different experience, one where the Prime Suspects will not be the same as the last time you played.

Expect to see the same high level of artistry in the graphics as the previous game. One of the best parts of the game is its morose ambiance and atmosphere, coupled with beautiful well-drawn scenery and landscape. Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects does have an authentic detective scene look and feel to it. While the music and sound perfectly accompany you, as you scour the town for some clues.

Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects successfully retains all the elements which made the original game such a bona fide hit. The game has the word hit written all over it, with a fun and basic premise, a compelling storyline, amusing characters, smart level design and terrific graphics. The game also has more places and locations to explore and finer dialogues. All in all, Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects is a fantastic addition to the highly intriguing and engrossing series and one that you will thoroughly enjoy playing for hours on end.

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