Redemption Cemetery Curse of the Raven Review

redemption cemetary curse of the raven download

ERS Game studios presents Redemption Cemetery: Curse of the Raven, a point and click hidden object game download, which has generally been well received. In this guide, we will explore a bit more about the game and what it offers.

In this game, your focus surrounds assisting evil spirits by delving into their past. There are three ghosts that need your help before you can move on and rejoin the 'normal world'.

Without a doubt, this game is much spookier than some of its mystery rivals. Therefore, if you are of a nervous disposition you might want to give this one a miss! Just joking (just turn the sound down)! The graphical work on Redemption Cemetery Download: Curse of the Raven is first-rate, and some of the puzzles may be tough for new mystery gamers. However, on the whole, experienced mystery gamers will fly through the setup, but will enjoy the terrific storyline along the way.

Unfortunately, the game follows a lot of the same characteristics as the others. If you like this genre then Redemption Cemetery Download: Curse of the Raven will be right up your street. However, if you are getting bored with the same old style then it does not really offer anything different to previous games.

One 'different' feature that this game has over its rivals is an 'in game extension'. Once you have completed the 'proper' game you are introduced to the extended collector's edition, which is an extension on the end of the game (lasting about an hour) . Unfortunately, this is probably a bad addition to the game if you are a huge fan, because the one hour extension eliminates any chance of a second game in the series, because it ties up all the loose ends.

General Tips

The game has two difficulties, normal and difficult. The only two differences between the two is that on hard the areas you need to click will not highlight, and hints take longer to recharge.

Excessive clicking will mean that you lose control of the mouse for a short period of time.

Some puzzles may be skipped if you take too much time, therefore, try and get everything done in a decent time.

The game has great re-playability. This is because hidden items in the game are different every time you play. Therefore, if finding items is your forte, Redemption Cemetery Download: Curse of the Raven will probably be at a focal point on your desktop.


If you are an avid mystery gamer then there is no doubt that you will enjoy Redemption Cemetery: Curse of the Raven, just like you would enjoy any other mystery game. However, it needs to be said that new gamers to the mystery world can find better games elsewhere, and (apart from the collector's edition) this game does not really offer anything different to all the other mystery games.

On the other hand, the game has a great story line, and the graphical work is top-of-the-range, The addition of the expansion means that the play-time of the game is around five hours (if you know what you are doing), which allows for a few solid sessions gaming. Therefore, this game should be played by all fans of the genre.

If your looking for more reviews on the latest hidden object games I can recommend many sites, in fact too many to put on this page so i'll just recommend my favourite Jay Is Games who seem to keep on top of the casual games more than any other site.