Spore Character Creator Review

spore character creator

EA's Spore promises players a massive gameplay experience, but this can be quite intimidating for those who simply do not have much time to game or simply want to try out Spore for the chance to create new creatures. Fortunately, the spore Character Creator is here. Originally released as a teaser-demo for the full game, the Character Creator allows players to let loose with their imaginations and see what kinds of new creatures they can come up with. With hundreds of various body parts and accessories, various paint patterns, customisable color choices and a solid model-editing system, the power of creation is in your hands.

Testing the Waters with Spore's Character Creator

There are plenty of reasons to love Spore. From its unique gameplay style that combines various types of gaming experiences to the unpredictable types of races you will encounter in the course of your game. But if there was one factor that truly stands out, it is the character creator. In the past couple of years, the game has maintained a solid community of players who share their creative works on the massive EA-hosted Sporepedia online service; and that list continues to grow until today. This is a testament of how solid the character creation system is, and why it was fit enough to be released on its own.

The Spore Character Creator was launched ahead of the full game back in 2008. This allowed players to try out what was the cornerstone of Spore's gameplay: the creation of the player's very own race. The Creator, being but a part of the full game, was basically a demo with somewhat limited features - but limited is a misnomer, and even the standalone Creator program already offered a great freedom of creativity for the players who tried it out.

Image is Everything

The Character Creator for Spore has been designed to provide players with the best interface and system for creating new races in various stages of evolution. That being said, the system is far more than just practical, it also looks pretty good.

The menus require little to no text. While there are some descriptive text bubbles that appear to help players figure out some of the icons as well as providing more information about a selection item, most of the user interface is intuitive to use - thanks to the excellent flow of the windows. The actual game itself delivers nicely rendered 3D models as well. Your creature will be in a basic flat color in the parts editing mode, but once you enter the paint and color mode, the full rendering will appear. This will show your creation in all of its graphic glory - also, this is the point where paint patterns truly shine, as they add textures to the creations you make.

The sound for the Creature Creator also provides players with a sampling of the auditory experience that Spore delivers - and the most noticeable factor in the creator is not the music, but the sound of your creature. Once you provide the creature with a mouth part, you will finally get to hear what your creature sounds like. For an added effect, you can have more than one mouth (or more than one head, depending on your creative tastes), and in this case, more than one type of vocal sets will be used on your creature.

Skipping the Samplers

As fun as this all sounds, the Spore Creature Creator is but a sample of the full game that Spore promises. Now, unless you really are unable to invest your time and energy in such as massive game, there is no need to take on the standalone character creator and it would be better to just go straight ahead and play the full game instead. That being said, if the only thing that truly tickles your fancy is being able to create new creatures (as opposed to having to lead them around the giant evolutionary trail), then the Creator is just right for you. It provides all the necessary aspects of the game that allows you to create a race that suits almost any personal tastes and even allows players to connect to the Sporepedia to share their works. We give this game a tribal creature's 85/100.

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