Spore Creepy Cute Review

spore creepy cute

Any Spore player would know, the possibilities of the game are innumerable to list; from the location of your star system to the types of species you will meet, there are a great many things that you could do and find in the game. Now, the Spore Creepy and Cute parts pack intends to make that already large range of possibilities even larger. But the new content is less about adding new things to the creatures you encounter and more about adding more to what you can do as a player. As the name suggest, you can make cuter and creepier creatures now, as well as a good range of everything else in between.

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The Creepy and Cute parts pack is officially the first major add-on content for EA's Spore, and also officially, we love it. The pack brings over two hundred new parts and pieces that will make your creatures cuter, creepier and a lot of other curious things - that is, if you feel like editing the creature you already made. If tweaking out an existing creation is not your thing, then a quick view of all the new parts will definitely inspire you to create a completely new race. One way or the other, the Creepy and Cute parts pack will bring even more life to this god-simulation game.

Easily Sorted Out

One thing we noticed about most add-on content is that it is quite difficult to pinpoint exactly what new things you have managed to obtain. This is why the new Creepy and Cute parts panel on the creation window is unbelievably helpful. All the new parts appear on a separate page - allowing you to focus on all the new parts as opposed to filtering them through other parts you have already seen. Naturally, this little feature is completely lost in value for first time players.

New Parts, New Styles

Being able to create your own race of creatures is the fundamental driving force behind Spore, and the additional parts allow players to have a wider range of creatures they can create. Missing from the original game are snouts that allow you to create wolf like creatures, beak variations for birds and other similar parts. With the addition of about 250 new parts, the number of creatures you can create has been expanded to a whole new level - and the fact that you can change their overall shape, size as well as mixing and matching all the new parts brings about more than enough variety that you can ever need.

It is not all about parts either, there are plenty of new color patterns that have been made available. Some new paint schemes mimic exotic styles of scales, fur and feathers. Others will provide you with even more unique choices - such as one that looks like a canvass sack with stitches; the effect makes your creature look like a living rag doll.

The Test Drive

One of the things we really loved about the Creepy and Cute parts pack is the inclusion of the test drive function. In this mode, players are able to take their creatures out for a walk - literally. The test drive has several preset actions that can be performed by your creation which will allow you to see how well the parts you chose go together. The great thing here is that the test drive is part of the character creation system, and that you can easily edit and tweak your creation as needed.

The Get Factor

And by get factor, we mean that by all means, any Spore player should get this. Whether you are trying our Spore for the first time or you have been playing or have already beaten the game, the new lineup of parts and pieces makes this add-on a must have. With hundreds of new content and a seamlessly integrated test drive mode, the Creepy and Cute parts pack is an indispensible upgrade to the game.