Whack Your Boss

whack your boss by doodie

Let's not be coy about it, everyone has a desire to physically assault their superior at one time or another. Don't Whack Your Boss from Smackgames.net is a game takes this desire one stage further and facilitates light-hearted imaginary breaking of the law to the tune of repeated, hilarious and satisfying scenarios of whimsical violence. Best described as a virtual interactive stress ball, this game offers the player the chance to live out the fantasy that every office worker has dreamed about whilst hurriedly minimising their internet browsers as the boss walks past. Oh, and did I mention the inclusion of mild to moderate brutality?

As a simple flash game, it does exactly what it says on the tin; the ironic suggestion of not 'whacking' your boss is of course an invitation to then shamelessly beat, stab, strangle, drown, crush, impale and pummel your boss with one of twenty weapons placed with suspicious convenience throughout the simple office layout. The aim of the game is to discover the full twenty different scenarios which result in similar consequences, but always with a dead body, varying amounts of blood splattered across the office and a smug sense of satisfaction at never hearing the boss utter the word 'synergy' again.

After each scenario, the option of employing the 'cleaner' appears. This is essentially a slightly dark and humourous take on a reset button. Press it and in comes a mysterious character with a long black coat to reset the scene, leaving behind no evidence that would be admissible in fictional court.

Gameplay itself is self-explanatory, simple, and intuitive (taking out frustration on your boss with physical violence needs little forethought), essentially having 'click and kill' playability. However, there are written instructions for those not averse to a touch of small print or for those naive enough to think that you'll be doing anything other than abruptly ending the life of your flash-animated stereotypically-balding boss repeatedly with hilariously satisfying results.

If you're hoping for a promotion after finding and carrying out all twenty murderous scenarios, then you'll be disappointed. After all, you did just kill the only man who can make this happen and (assuming you completed the game) you did this twenty times in a row with no remorse. However, you are treated to a short animated victory sequence involving upbeat music and your boss's severed head.

So if the idea of stepping over your boss's beaten body after having savaged him furiously with a small paper-bin brings a grin to your face, this game may be what you are looking for to pad out your working afternoon. Enjoy!

Play Whack Your Boss at Doodie.com. An alternative game to play that is equally as funny and has captured the imagination of many school students past and present is - Whack Your Teacher. The animation in this latter game is slightly different to Doodie's Whack Your Boss but the premise is pretty much the same - the teacher os annoying the hell out of the student waffling on and complaining, there are various objects around the classroom which you can select to kill the teacher with.