Worms Revolution

worms revolution

Team 17 have announced they are developing the next title in the Worms series - Worms Revolution. The game trailer shows some exciting new graphics thanks to the developers building the game's engine from scratch!

Some of the weapons look familar in this sneak peak video where as others look unique such as the flock of birds that flap by dropping bombs - yet another type of air strike it seems.

But beyond the anticipated features there lies an intriguing development in the form of classes. There are now going to be four different types of worms to use, each of which will have a variety of strengths and weaknesses. The classes will be:

  • Soldier: A good all arounder worm featuring powerful attacks and steady movement speed and balance.
  • Scout: Smaller worms that are harder to hit, they move faster and jump higher than any other worm but possess weak attacking prowess and can be easily knocked far by explosives (like into the water!)
  • Heavy: The largest and strongest worm to knock over, they feature strong attacks but move sluggishly.
  • Scientist: The scientist worm can boost the health of the team on every turn and also build some very powerful weapons such as the sentry gun.

Check out the sneak peak video!

What we really like about the upcoming Worms revolution is that Team 17 are to combine the likeability of the 2d worms (the full 3d version games have proven as popular) with 3d'ish background terrains combining the best of both worlds and allowing the game to come more to life whilst remaining true to 2d in the best way possible.

The game will be available as a downloadable game on the pc - most likely to be introduced once again on Steam.

You can find places to download and purchase all the Team 17 games at worms games including links to the online Steam store. The site also has a lot of other cool alternate worms games worth a dable or two!